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Business Process Review & Reengineering

HR Business Process Review (BPR)

Need better performance from your in-house or outsourced Human Resource (HR) systems, technologies and customer care? Our HR Business Process Review is a cost-effective solution for identifying resource-intensive processes, analyzing issues and developing alternative strategies to improve efficiencies and flexibility. Read more…

Payroll Business Process Review (BPR)

Experiencing high payroll costs, large volumes of payroll adjustments, and/or frequent payroll problems? By conducting our Payroll Business Process Review you will receive: an objective assessment of your Payroll systems’ capabilities and deficiencies; and viable methods for improving service and performance. Read more…

HRIS Business Process Review (BPR)

Are your HR / Payroll (HRIS) and reporting systems well-integrated, and taking advantage of industry best practices? A HRIS Business Process Review from ABS performs a thorough analysis of your environment. We answer questions, such as: what are the strengths and weaknesses of your HRIS; are you utilizing sound controls, streamlined and consistent procedures, and effective technologies; and what is the best strategy to improve business value? Read more…

Financial System Business Process Review (BPR)

Introducing balanced scorecards, analytics or dashboards as part of an initiative in corporate performance management? You might first want ABS to conduct a financial system Business Process Review. It delivers significant benefits, such as: an improved understanding of business opportunities; and a means for identifying and quantifying factors that impact corporate and financial performance. Read more…

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Business Process Review - Goals, Approach and Deliverables

The approach and goals of an ABS Business Process Review (BPR) are to:
Conduct an incisive assessment of the operational processes, technologies and services; identify business opportunities, system deficiencies, issues, costs, and risks
Compare business performance with industry best practices
Compile and review findings; promote a better understanding of business, technical and organizational performance, challenges and issues
Present cost-effective options, next steps and recommendations to: improve business performance and productivity, and decrease risks and costs.

The scope and focus of a BPR, however, may be very different depending on the:

Nature of your challenges and project objectives
Applications, systems and services to be analyzed
Number and locations of the operational and service centers to be assessed
Deliverables to be produced.

Email or call ABS at (805) 845-2464 to discuss how a BPR could be a cost-effective solution to your challenges. We will be happy to outline how BPR projects have proven successful for ABS clients in similar situations.

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HR, Payroll & Financial System Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering often follows a Business Process Review of your HR, Payroll and/or Financial systems. Depending on the project scope it may involve:

Detailed planning to design short and long term solutions, define success factors and identify resource requirements
Proposing new business policies, procedures, controls and agreements for different business units, departments, labor groups and service providers
Designing and/or acquiring new software, databases, workflows and processes
Organizational change, project planning, and proof of concept testing
Operational and technical training; and compilation of new procedures
Assessing the value of post-implementation improvements.

Email or call ABS at (805) 406-4864 to discuss your Business Process Reengineering needs.

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