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Software / SaaS Vendor Evaluation
for ERP, HR / Payroll (HCM), BI and custom applications

ďABS provided the leadership and knowledge to identify the best solutions for our business operations. They guided us through the Vendor Evaluation process and resolved significant challenges.Ē

-    Executive, Fortune 100 corporation.

When far-reaching decisions are being made on the selection of software systems and/or SaaS services, establishing a sound understanding of the value, organizational / operational impact, risk and cost of each potential solution is a mandatory requirement for long-term success. The challenge is how to uncover, analyze and assess accurate and relevant facts that are critical to the decision-making process.

An ABS managed Vendor Evaluation is both incisive and efficient. It promotes informed decision-making, executive commitment and enterprise-wide gains. During the course of the project, for example, we typically address these types of questions:

What organizational goals and business needs must be met by the vendorís software and/or services?
How should vendor communications (e.g. the RFI / RFP, Vendor Demos and Fit/Gap analysis) be structured to determine the value, shortcomings, impacts and risks of each potential vendor solution?
What conversion, technology and operational support is required from the vendor (and/or their partners)?
How competitive is the vendorís pricing?
What contractual terms and conditions are essential to include, or exclude?

Vendor Evaluation services from ABS address the selection of ERP, HR / Payroll / Time & Attendance (HCM), BI and other systems for companies based in the USA, Canada and other countries. They can encompass:

Strategic Planning
Needs Analysis and Assessments
Vendor Identification; RFP Compilation; Vendor Selection; and Contract Negotiation
Pre-Implementation Planning.

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